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Celtic Gnomes 

Beautifully handcrafted gnomes using up-cycled real fur and Canadian International tartan designs. 

Each Gnome's hat is crafted from Provincial tartan with an embroidered maple leaf identifying where it's from. On the back you'll spy the Gnome's spirit animal in the form of a tiny charm.

All gnomes are filled with weighted beads so they can sit firmly on a shelf. Small gnomes can sit or hang as an ornament and are 5" tall ,medium are 7" and large are 8".

Each gnome is unique and one of a kind and comes with a Canadian Celtic Tartan Post Card.  

Please contact me for custom orders.

Currently for purchase at The Painted Door on Main - Beaumont, Alberta and Playmore Tables and Games - Edmonton, Alberta. 

To purchase online check out our Etsy Store - Memoryfriends4U  

Click on Image for more pictures 

BC 4 .jpg
Alberta 1 .jpg
Saskatchewan 5 .jpg
Manitoba 6 .jpg
NB 5 .jpg
Cape Breton 6 .jpg
Ontario 5 .jpg
PEI 6 .jpg
NFL 5 .jpg
Quebec 6 .jpg
Nova Scotia 6 .jpg
Yukon 6 .jpg
NWT 5 .jpg
Maple Leaf 5 .jpg
Nu 5 .jpg
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