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Memory Bears & Friends 

Is your Grandma's special  fur coating sitting in your closet collecting dust? Turn it into an everlasting heirloom Memory Friend. These Vintage Fur Coats make the most beautiful Bears and Bunnies to give as a special gift or to keep for yourself. Click on each picture to learn the history behind each Memory Friend. 

Deb's Coat.jpg
Deb's Bears no background.png
Mink 2.jpg
Brooklyn's Bunny _edited.png
Grandma's Coat.jpg
Grandma's Panda no back ground .png
Farhall Coat .jpg
FArhall Bunnies no back ground 6.png
McClain Coat 1.jpg
McClain no background .png
Jill's Jacket .png
Jill's Bears .png
Paddy 6 .png
Shelly Coat .jpg
Shelly Bear .png
outside .jpg
Crawford Bears 5 .png
Shauna stole 2 .jpg
Midge and Susie .png
Shelly Mom Bear Coat .jpg
Shelly Mom .png
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