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Nyluck Gnomes

Santa's other little helpers 

Nyluck Gnomes are mythological creatures from Canadian folklore, 

Known as "Earth Spirits" they are the Guardians of the Animal World... specifically, pets!!!

Sent by Santa to watch over your beloved non-human family members,

they are also sent to watch over you!

 Mischievous by nature they will let you know if they feel your pets are not

getting the love and attention they deserve.

Didn’t walk the dog because you were too tired?

In the morning you may find your shoelaces tied together.

Forget to clean the hamster cage?

 You may find the enter key on your keyboard missing.

Nyluck Gnomes remind you that having a pet is a privilege not a right.

You will know you have a Nyluck Gnome by their spirit animal which is represented by a charm on their hat.

Happy Pets - Happy Gnomes - Happy Homes

Family of Gnomes .png
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